Name: Max Jansen
Age: 16
Time Zone and Country you’re staying/living in: Amsterdam +2.00, The Netherlands
Minecraft Username: ScreamyLittleKid

#1. What qualities, knowledge, or other various reasons should you be accepted to hold a staff position? Why are you applying? What makes you qualified? Be specific.
I have been on Disorbs long enough to know how most things work on the server and what to do when most problems show up. Secondly, I'm honestly applying because a couple of players have either said "Max could make a good helper" or "you should apply" so I'm giving people what they want. Quite honestly, I have somewhat experience with being part of staff on a server more than once even though it didn't last very long on any of the servers I was staff on.

#2. How many hours per day are you usually on? If there are time differences spent, state the difference.
During school days I'm on a little bit in the morning (5am - 6am) and after school I'm on from 5pm to 9pm since that's the time I'm usually home from school. Since my mom does not allow me to get on Disorbs from my laptop, I'm usually on Minechat. On weekends or non school days I'm either on all day or most of the day. I mean I try to be on as much as I can.

#3. How many days on average per week are you on the server?
On average, I'd say five-six days a week if I forget about getting on or I have no reason to get on my laptop.

#4. Are you currently staff outside Disorbs? If so, how do you plan to divide your time between servers?
I am not staff on any servers at the moment.

#5. What advantages can you bring to this server? What can you bring or do to improve the community? Please be specific.
I feel that the server needs someone who is not only qualified to be staff but can be more active than some of the staff. Since being active seems to be the problem players have.

#6. Are you able to record hackers, server glitches, bugs or any other incidents and report them to the forums? What means of capturing actions are you comfortable with?
I am comfortable being able to record anything that seems to be wrong whether it is a hacker, or just someone glitching to where they're not supposed to, And i have OBS.

#7.Where is the Proper Location for:
Bug Reports: (Home > Forums > Bugs/Glitches)
Ban Reports: (Home > Forums > Ban Requests)
Ban Appeals: (Home > Forums > Ban Appeals)
Donation Problems: (Home > Forums > Payments)

#8. Do you speak any other language(s) except English? Even if you can only speak several words of that language, let us know.
Besides from English I speak Dutch and a little bit German..

#9. Is there anything we should be aware of? Introduce yourself maybe? If you would like to mention anything else, please do here.
There is probably dozens of other applications being submitted at this moment so I can understand if this one gets lost in the forums. Again, I am only submitting this since other players either recommended me to or had thought that I would be good as helper. Apologies for wasting your time reading this.