Name: Nathan
Age: 18
Time Zone and Country you’re staying/living in: Eastern Time / Canada
Minecraft Username: LappyPoo

#1. What qualities, knowledge, or other various reasons should you be accepted to hold a staff position? Why are you applying? What makes you qualified? Be specific.
I have been playing on this server for many years now... I know many of the staff commands, I would be able to get to help people faster with the the )(staff force tp) command, but for now I use the tpa command to help people as soon as I see someone in need of help. I'm very mature and serious sometimes about when it comes to groups of people having problems at the same time which I do the best that I can to help them. But if there is a more experienced Staff online and I don't know what to do sometimes, I'd ask them for some backup information with how to help me out.

#2. How many hours per day are you usually on? If there are time differences spent, state the difference.
Sometimes I will be on for about 10-12 hours a day unless I'm at work which will only give me about 6-8 hours of play time.

#3. How many days on average per week are you on the server?
I'm usually on at 9:00Am Eastern time until about 10:00 Pm Eastern Time, but if I work some days it depends on my work schedule.

#4. Are you currently staff outside Disorbs? If so, how do you plan to divide your time between servers?
I am not currently staff in any other servers, therefore, this server will be the one and only where I spend all the time I have.

#5. What advantages can you bring to this server? What can you bring or do to improve the community? Please be specific.
I can bring love to the people! Help them out if needed at anytime. If they ask me for something, I normally see what I can do to help them. Most of the Staffs are afk(not always but most of the time when there's trouble). That's where I come in and Help the needed!

#6. Are you able to record hackers, server glitches, bugs or any other incidents and report them to the forums? What means of capturing actions are you comfortable with?
Yes, I am able to record and capture hackers, glitches, and bugs. I'm in use of the Nvidia Shadowplay Software and I always use f2 to screenshot problems.

#7.Where is the Proper Location for:
Bug Reports:
Ban Reports:
Ban Appeals:
Donation Problems:

#8. Do you speak any other language(s) except English? Even if you can only speak several words of that language, let us know.
I was born French but I mostly talk English but when I see people talking French in chat and they're saying that they need help with something I tp to them right away to see what's the problem.

#9. Is there anything we should be aware of? Introduce yourself maybe? If you would like to mention anything else, please do here.
To begin, I will be starting college September 2019 (1 year program) so I will be on everyday but for less hours than usual cause of work/college Homework. Other than that I'm really Helpful to others, I have disabilities so I might be a small dick to people but it's the one thing some people loves about me My disabilities are : ADHD, OCD, Autism, Asbergers and Tourrettes. Other than that... Good Luck to all other Applicants on the server!