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Gadgets Plugin

By Cruz Owner - Posted Feb 24, 17

Gadgets to make your Skyblock journey more easier and fun

Pickup Gadget: This Gadget will allow only certain items to pass through the hopper such as a "Filter"

without the need of redstone, Purchase one from the /Shop for 10k Each and place it down on your Island

and Shift + Right Click with the Items you want to pass through it, if you would like to remove items simply

break the Hopper and re-place it down and re-add items to the list to pass through.

Limit: Amount of Pickup Gadgets to place down per player

- Member: 5

- Donors: 25 (will up later on)


Hoppers at the bottom connected to the Chest are the Pickup Gadgets

Pickup Gadget Example

More Gadgets Coming Soon

Post your ideas below

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