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Server Reset & Network

By Cruz Owner - Posted Jun 17, 17

So as you guys can see we turned the server into a Network once again to hopefully reach out to more

players and give them more things to play on our server so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Skyblock: Has been Reset

  • New Spawn
  • New PvP
  • Donors have a 150x150 island instead of 100
  • Added Protection 5
  • Added Efficiency 6
  • Crafting Gapples
  • /is home is now /is go
  • /is trust is now /is coop
  • /is chat is now only for teamates /is teamchat
  • removed some sell all options to hopefully have a better eco

OP Prison:

  • OPness
  • [A] - [Prestige X]
  • 32x32 Plots
  • Fly In Mines (Double Tap Spacebar)
  • TE Coins Per Block Broken
  • TE Bar
  • TE Enchantments
  • More.


  • Gold Shovel Land Claiming
  • Few Shops
  • mcMMO
  • More.

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