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Survival - Custom Warps Plugin

By Cruz Owner - Posted Sep 13, 17

Warps - Custom Warps

This plugin also added a new Warp System that also allows players to create their own Custom Warps

for their Towns, House, Special Locations, Grinders, ect and can be fully edited such as changing the name

of the warp or the description and even charge a fee for a player to use that specific warp and add owners

to the warp so they can also modify the warps themselves, They can also be sold for a Price.

Simply type /warp in game to access this warp system

Grass = Public Warps

Chest = Your Warps

Gold_Ingot = Warps for Sell

Enderchest = Server Warps

* No racist names or descriptions may result in a ban*

Custom Warps:

Limits on creating warps from groups and will probably change in the future if kept.

Default: 0, Iron: 1, Gold: 2, DIamond: 3, Bedrock: 4, Void: 5

Let me know if you guys would like to keep this Feature

or to simply remove the plugin.

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