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Server Reset

By Cruz Owner - Posted Aug 3, 18

Disorbs SkyBlock

Aug, 3 - 12pm (PT)

if im awake

What Will Reset:

  • Islands
  • Island Upgrades
  • Balance
  • Player Kits
  • Player inventories, Ender chest, Player vaults
  • Votes
  • Token Enchants
  • Robots
  • Bans

Whats Staying:

  • Ranks
  • Kits
  • Particles
  • Vote Tokens

    Whats New:

    • Old Tree Spawn
    • Old PVP Arena
      • Pot PVP
      • Gapples Removed + Crafting Disabled
    • CE
      • Restore Removed
      • Adjusted Token cost from 8 to 6
    • Ranks
      • Spawners: You must be ranked to change spawners again
      • Change Spawners: /ss change <mob>
    • Island Menu:
      • Island Upgrades: Disabled atm so no Size/Members/Home upgrades
    • Vote 4 Ranks: Added to /Token Shop at 150 Vote Tokens per upgrade
    • Flying: You can now /fly permanently without voting or needing a rank
    • Added Mine: Visit it to mine blocks /warp mine
    • Adjusted mcmMO | 1k Levels per skill to be more balanced
      • Removed Credits from voting
      • Removed Credits from crates
      • You can only level it up by playing the game
    • Block Crafting: These items will only be obtainable through in-game shops.
      • Hoppers
      • Pistons
      • Super Golden Apples (even from shops or token shop)
    • Removed Sell wands
    • Removed Name Tags (Tab)
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