Server Reset

Cruz Owner posted Dec 8, 17

Due to the lack in players we will be removing all servers except SkyBlock and Reseting it

Disorbs SkyBlock

What Will Reset:

  • Islands
  • Balance
  • Player inventories, Ender chest, Player vaults
  • Votes
  • Vote Tokens
  • Bans - Ill be pre-banning the ones not welcomed.
  • Everything that isnt part of your rank will stay.

Whats New:

  • New Spawn
  • New PvP
    • Void: Falling into void will return you back to surface with poison.
    • Supply Drops: More drops have been added on the arena.
    • Ores: There are ores scattered around the arena that is mineable and will regen over time.
  • Server 1.12.2
  • Ranks:
    • Spawners: You will no longer be able to change a spawner via a command.
    • Change Spawners: You will be able to change spawners for a fee per mob when you right+click a spawner whiled placed down.
    • Commands: Some commands maybe be added or removed I would check the buycraft rank info.
  • Island Menu | It was made more organized and customized with a few addons.
  • Island Upgrades | Islands can be upgraded with in-game money if you're the island owner. (Size/Members/Island Homes)
  • Adjusted Max Balance | $100Mil
  • Adjusted mcMMO | No Limits on skills
  • Added Custom Enchants | /ce - Can be purchaced by using Token Enchants from voting or with Exp.
  • Added Mob Arena | /warp mobarena
  • Added Bank Checks | /bank <amount> - Minimum of $100k+
  • Added Sell Wands | Sell all items in a chest when you right+click it with a wand.
  • Added Reaction | Type the word first than others to win rewards.
  • Added Bartender | /bar - Gamble your money with drinks in-game.
  • Added Rename Tags | When aquired you're able to change the name of an item with colors.
  • Block Crafting: These items will only be obtainable through in-game shops.
    • Hoppers
    • Pistons

Expect more changes or things added or removed over the next few weeks ill be adjusted things

baised on suggestions